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Our Financial Planning Process

Welcome to a new way of financial planning. It still involves financials and documents, but it goes beyond sums and returns. This new way of financial planning digs deeper than financial goals and looks to uncover what is driving these goals.

Our financial planning process is designed to be transparent, creative, and customized to help you reach your optimal well-being. What matters most to you and your family determines the strategic plan.

How It Works

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Intro Call

You have an intro call with your financial advisor. During the call, we’ll schedule a Strategy Session & Discovery meeting with you. Prior to the Strategy Session, we send you the meeting agenda so you know what to expect and a Planning Documents Checklist to help you prepare any necessary information for your advisor.

Strategy Session & Discovery Meeting

We ask you to bring your completed Documents Checklist and related items to this meeting. During this meeting, you learn more about our philosophy and our process. We discuss your goals (both personally and financially), any concerns, and details about your current financial situation. Our team performs a dynamic Q&A to identify areas of focus and to prioritize your objectives. We share potential strategies to meet your objectives, both short-term and long-term.

Plan Proposal

We send and review with you a financial planning proposal that outlines your objectives, expected services, and a total planning fee. Our team puts together a timeline for implementation and collects any outstanding information or documents needed. We perform research on solutions and create an organized financial plan.

Plan Delivery & Deployment

We will discuss options and the customized recommendations we’ve designed to meet your goals. Your financial advisor works with you and any other advisors (attorney, CPA, etc.) to implement the designated action items.

Ongoing Strategy Meetings

Throughout the year, you review the progress of the financial plan with your financial advisor and we’ll make any updates based on changes in financial, family, or tax situations.
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Mindful Financial Planning

When you sign up for our consulting services, our dynamic Q&A discovers the why behind your financial planning goals. What really matters to you? 

  • Are you looking to leave a large estate to your children and grandchildren? 
  • Are you looking to provide for an elderly parent? 
  • Do you need to transition your family business ownership to a family member or non-family member? 
  • Is early retirement your primary focus? 
  • Is giving to charitable organizations or family members important to you? 
  • Will your current savings allow you to build the home of your dreams?

While we do have a tried-and-true planning process, we do not have a cookie-cutter approach to financial planning. The plan we craft is custom-tailored to you – your financial goals, your personal objectives, and your lifestyle. 

Throughout the process, we promise to provide objective, yet sincere answers to all your questions. Your financial strategy is designed to support your values and help you build the life you want.  

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Your Personal Advocate

Our commitment is to advocate for your financial and emotional well-being. We work hard to ensure that you are on the path to meeting your financial goals and your personal objectives. 

Providing objective advice that aligns with your values is our primary responsibility. This is reflected in the fact that rather than take commissions based on the investments of our clients, we have a yearly fee-based structure. You can be confident that the financial strategies we recommend and plans we craft are based solely on what matters to you, not our own personal gain. 

Get to Know Our Team

When you work with our team, you’ll learn we have a strong commitment to our clients.

We believe in a balance of work and life and treat our clients like family. Our strategies are designed to closely align with your “why” and provide you with the guidance you need to achieve your goals. 

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